THE NEW EAGLE AIR (Marinduque)
Commercial IR Multi Engine 200 hours
Commercial IR Multi Engine 160 hours
Commercial IR Single Engine 200 hours
Commercial IR Single Engine 150 hours
Indo License Conversion 2 months
Commercial IR Multi Engine

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PROGRAM FEES for Commercial Multi Engine Instrument Rating Course



Package Includes : 

1. Private Pilot Course

2. Commercial Pilot Course (Single Engine)

3. Commercial Pilot Course (Multi Engine)

4. Instrument Rating

Equipment Qualification Course

Special Study Permit


Flight Training :

1. Cessna 150/152 (130Hrs)

2. Cessna 172 (20Hrs)

3. Simulator (30 Hrs) & Ground School

4. Multi Engine (10 Hrs)

Total Flying Hours : 160

Duration of training : 10 - 12 Months


* Processing time of completion of requirements like NBI clearence, Special study permits, Licensing (including exam results, checkride schedules etc.) are beyond the control of the school. Students should give ample time allowance for these.

* Due to volatile fuel prices, fees and conditions are subjet to change anytime without notice.

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